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vera9 asked:

I think you're talking about a blog called dirtyinzumaconfessions. :3 They reblogged that last confession from you.

Thankyou! I think from now if you have any confessions that are rather boarder line  please direct them to dirty inazuma confessions please! 

Any confession deemed inappropriate will be deleted and not published as we don’t want people feeling uncomfortable :(

I apologise if anyone felt intimidated or upset by the previous confession! We will do our best to make sure most confessions are worksafe!

minkebooks asked:

uhm are you?? sure you want that kind of confession going around like. without at least a trigger warning for rape?? yeah orz

This isn’t our confession if that’s what you’re thinking, all confessions are submitted by anyone that wants to and we’re just in charge of editing the confessions. 

Either way I did hesitate editing this and I’m not sure what people want us to do when something like this does come up.

Though I believe there IS a I11 blog dedicated to that sort of sexual confessions stuff although I don’t remember  what it is, so if anyone could tell me ill be happy to link it in the description.

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